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Life and Work with Eva Belanger


Recently, there has been a lot of media interest in the work of Warriors Live On, the non-profit organization founded by Eva Belanger to assist combat veterans who are suffering from the debilitating effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is our hope that these stories will help to build a broader base of support […]

Gay San Diego: Courage, Honor and Activism

It’s with excitement that we share the news that Warriors Live On founder Eva Belanger had the great honor of being inducted into the Benjamin F. Dillingham,III and Bridget Wilson LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor on November 8 at the San Diego LGBT Community Center. Belanger was admitted during a standing-room-only event alongside ten other […]

Circle of Trees

Serenity in Nature, Heal from Trauma

By Eva M. Belanger, MFT, SEP As an avid camper and backpacker, I learned long ago how important it is to set up your tent in a location that is flat, free of rocks, anthills, running water or streams that can expand and bulge with the slightest midnight sprinkle. Scrambling in the dead of a […]

Hawk Life, My Life

Freedom form trauma

By Eva M. Belanger, LMFT, SEP We are human beings so it may be challenging to imagine your life as a hawk, but let’s try.  Through our imagination we can envision what it may be like to sweep over grasslands in flight, just skimming the surface of the grass popping out of the water. We […]

PTSD-Where there is Red there is Blue

Gain a New Perspective on Life

People say that there are two sides to everything. There is one person’s perspective and experience, which is often very different from the next person’s. Instead of seeing our worlds as black or white, could we take a chance to venture into the realm of believing that our story is not always the “right” story. […]

Coming Together to Heal, and Not Re-Traumatize

Mindfulness therapy on a small river deep in the green forests

One of the most difficult groups to get together is a group of those suffering from PTSD. There is a tendency to want to share what we have in common, to retell stories of trauma, and to legitimize, speak words to the horror in some way in hopes that it heals us. It may look […]