Eva Belanger Somatic Experiencing Therapy

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In San Diego

Belanger Therapy believes our bodies are wise in dictating what the body’s needs are, but our minds have grown so advanced that it has the power to override the body’s subtle impulse. Societies pressures, familial pressures, work pressures, and relationship issues all seem to rise to the top leaving our bodies starving for much needed rest and general holistic integration. At Belanger Therapy, this is the work we can do together.  
Our bodies have knowledge and wisdom that is as old as rocks. In many cases we have lost our ability to connect to it and its knowing. Our bodies know how to survive without our mind overthinking it. It has the wisdom to know how to survive and thrive. So why do we not trust it? Why do we regularly hinder the process by allowing our chaotic thought process to dictate the next move? I hope to offer a place of reprieve where together we can help you learn to trust your body and it’s wisdom again or maybe even for the first time. There is a state of rest that each of us can achieve to rejuvenate in all the ways needed. This state of rest allows the body to re-organize and find a place of stability again. What is soothing to you?  Often people refer to nature as a source of joy or pleasure. We are fortunate to be next to Balboa Park and to the Fourth Street Bridge. If the outdoors is what provides, let us go there. Allow this corner street office to be that place.
I believe my approach is simple, and natural.
  • I go only at the pace your body’s system can handle.  We want to use the resources you have and build them up to create resilience and empowerment to tackle the rest.
  • Therapy does not have to be a focus on all that is wrong in your life. We can become familiar with what is “right” in order to address the “wrongs” with more strength and resilience.
  • You do not need to re-tell your trauma to heal; this is not an exposure therapy based model of therapy.
  • The healing process is gradual and your body communicates when it’s ready.  Here we let your body lead!
  • It is a strong held belief, and based on fact, that you have all you need to heal held within you.  We will learn to trust that.
  • I practice with compassion and respect for your life experiences; you are the expert on your life.
  • I look to integrate and create connection in body, mind, heart and spirit to help you feel whole.
  • I know PTSD, anxiety, and depression do not have to be a permanent condition.  These should only be temporary.
The overarching therapeutic modality that is used is Somatic Experiencing Therapy.  If you are unsure of what SE is, I invite you to see more by clicking on my SE tab. You can also learn more here About SE™.
The practice of mindfulness is used in every session in the most natural way. We are so inundated with information, and various stimuli constantly that keep us in chaos. What is often getting in the way is our own minds, thoughts racing, and the all too famous “to do” list.  Information flowing into our awareness ensures that our minds are constantly skipping from one thought to another, causing us great confusion and keeping us on our toes.
Fortunately, our bodies seek to heal and find balance while we are awake, sleeping, conscious or unconscious.  Your body’s automatic function, at all times, is to bring you back into a state of equilibrium.  Your body holds within it a wisdom and knowledge of what it needs that far surpasses what our brains have come to know.  If your body is an unfamiliar place, or even a scary place to you, then we take time to get re-acquainted at a pace your system can handle. Awareness and acceptance of where you are currently will be the road you travel to reach where you desire to be.
Our ability to accept what the reality is at this very moment allows us freedom.  Living in the present moment, and not living in the pain of yesterday or the fear of the future allows us to be fully present.  Finally, the more we RESIST the things we cannot change the more we suffer.
Awareness and mindfulness of ourselves brings us to what matters most in our lives.  We can find this with the courage we have within and we can do this together.